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Carmel's Size

 Year  1996  2000  2004  2005 2007  2010  2011 
 Square Miles  12.59 (1990  17.80  39.14  39.14  39.14  48.49  48.55
 Acres  8,060 (1990)  11,395  25,050  25,050  25,050  31,034  31,072


 2012  2013  2014 2015  2016   2017
 Square Miles  48.55  86,005  86,866  88,713  89,713  91,065
 Acres  31,072  31,072  31,072  31,072  31,072  31,072


Carmel is located just north of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Carmel is located in the Eastern Time Zone and utilizes Daylight Saving 


Carmel is situated within Hamilton County in central Indiana. The land in Central Indiana is characterized primarily by low, gently rolling hills and shallow valleys. Indiana has a humid continental climate, with cool winters and warm, comfortable summers. Carmel is in USDA Planting Zone 5.

Due to recent annexations, Carmel encompasses nearly all of Clay Township which is geographically located in the southwest corner of Hamilton County. Its boundaries include Boone County line (Zionsville) on the west, White River on the east, 96th Street (Marion County/Indianapolis) on the south, and 146th Street on the north. The total land area is approximately 50 square miles and the 2010 population was 79,191 residents, although its day time population is much larger.

2016-04-13 Spring Carmel_-170

Traffic flow through Carmel is substantial with four major north/south roadways running through the city; US-421 on the western edge of the city, US-31 divides the city down the middle, and Keystone Parkway (formerly US-431) further east. Hazel Dell Parkway on the far east side also carries a great deal of north/south traffic, relieving congestion on Keystone Parkway. Keystone Parkway, US-31 and US-421 all interchange with I-465, which runs along Carmel’s southern boundary.

2015-10-25 Carmel Fall-31

GIS Maps

Click here to access Carmel's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps for detailed property information and other mapping tools.