Building and Code Services

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Department of Community Services

Building & Code Services


A staff of ten individuals is assigned to the division of Building & Code Services. These individuals process, review, and issue all building permits (improvement location permits—or ILPs) required in Clay Township. The staff also performs all building inspections, in addition to responding to reported zoning violations. The "Inspector on Call" (IOC) desk was established to continue our efforts at providing professional and timely customer service to the citizens of Clay Township and to the patrons of our division. It is staffed by a building inspector daily, between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., to maximize efficient plan review, respond to questions posed by a visitor to our office or question by telephone, and to help resolve other building and zoning code issues and questions which arise. The Inspector on Call can be reached at: (317) 571-2481.

Building inspectors are required to be certified in all aspects of construction (structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC). Inspectors maintain their certifications through tests sanctioned by the International Code Council (ICC). The Code Enforcement staff are also required to be certified.

Important Office Phone #’s:

Main office phone:  (317) 571-2444
Code Enforcement: (317) 571- 2449
Main office fax:  (317) 571-2499
Inspector on call:  (M-F; 8AM to 9AM)  (317) 571-2481

Staff Contact Information:

Jim Blanchard, Building Commissioner.  

(317) 571-2450

William (Bill) Hohlt, Deputy Building Commissioner

(317) 571-2470

Mike Sheeks, Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer

(317) 571-2476

Brent Liggett, Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer

317) 571-2491

Adam Schriner, Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer

(317) 571-2435

David Rutti, Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer

(317) 571-2289

Darren Mast, Code Enforcement Inspector

(317) 571-2672

Pam Lux, Addressing & Residential Permitting Coordinator

(317) 571-2288

Nick Mishler, Commercial Permitting Coordinator

(317) 571-2489
Joslyn Kass, Fence Permitting & Code Enforcement Inspector
 (317) 571-2449