Complaints or Zoning Violations

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Building & Code Services, in conjunction with other City Departments, is responsible for the enforcement of the Carmel City Code and the Carmel/Clay Land Use Regulations. Among the most common concerns are tall weeds and grass, illegal banners, business uses in residential zoning districts, and improper placement or height of fences.

If you would like to report a possible violation, please call Joslyn Kass at 571-2449 or Send E-Mail and be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The address of the possible violation
  • A description of the possible violation
  • Your name and contact information

Your concern will be given a record number, and an inspector will go to the site to assess and document the condition of the property. The inspector will make every effort to keep you up-to-date on the situation. If relevant, other Departments such as the Carmel Police or Hamilton County Health Department will be notified as well.

Please note that the Carmel City Code applies only within the corporate limits of the City of Carmel. The Carmel/Clay Land Use Regulations apply in all of Carmel and Clay Township.

Common Concerns

Tall Grass and Weeds: Carmel City Code, Section 6-88: Removal of Weeds, Debris, and Other Such Rank Vegetation.

Building Without a Permit: Carmel/Clay Land Use Regulations, Section 29.4.2: Improvement Location Permits. A permit is required for most new structures proposed in Carmel and Clay Township.

Banners: Banners are prohibited within the City of Carmel and Clay Township as stated in Carmel/Clay Land Use Regulations, Section 25.7.01-4: Prohibited Signs. However, there are special circumstances outlined in Section 25.7.04: Permitted Banners that would allow some banners for a limited time period.

Fences: Fences in Carmel and Clay Township do not require a permit; however, there are standards for their height and placement in Carmel/Clay Land Use Regulations, Section 25.2: Fences

Business in Residential Zoning District: See the Permitted Use section of the corresponding zoning chapter of Carmel/Clay Land Use Regulations. See also the guidelines for a Home Occupation in Section 3.7: Definitions.