Lateral Entry Program for Police Officers

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The Carmel Police Department has initiated a lateral employment program for qualified full-time sworn law enforcement officers. The premise of the program is to recognize the value of those applicants who have law enforcement experience by providing starting salary/pay incentives commensurate with an applicant’s police/law enforcement experience.

In order to be considered for employment with this agency, applicants must meet all established pre-employment minimum requirements, as well as successfully complete all testing, screening and background screening components. To be eligible for consideration within the lateral entry program, the applicant must have/had powers of lawful arrest and authorized to carry a weapon. We will accept applications from individuals employed within any of the following listed categories of police/law enforcement agencies:

  • Federal Police/Law Enforcement Agency
  • State Police/U.S. Territory Police/Law Enforcement Agency
  • County Police/Law Enforcement Agency
  • State/County Sheriff’s Department (does not include those employed exclusively within the area of correction or detention)
  • City/Police/Law Enforcement Agency
  • University/College Police/Law Enforcement Agency

NOTE: All applicants wanting to be considered for the lateral entry program must possess an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Certification or a State/Federal Certification accepted through the I.L.E.A. Waiver Requirement.

The lateral employment program will provide up to a maximum of four (4) years of starting salary/pay incentives for qualified candidates. The following information is provided regarding entry-level salaries.

Entry level starting salary (no experience): Grade 11, Step 1
Academy Cert. & up to 1 yr. Experience: Grade 11, Step 2
2 years experience: Grade 11, Step 3
3 years experience: Grade 11, Step 4
4 or more years experience: Grade 11, Step 5

The calculation for years of service will not include partial/seasonal years of service. Additionally, this does not and will not provide for the lateral transfer of rank or rights to any seniority status.

NOTE: Applicants wanting to be considered for the lateral entry program must meet the requirements of the 1977 Indiana Police and Fire Pension Fund (“PERF”), and be accepted into the Pension Fund. Out of state applicants and other applicants not currently a member of this fund must have not have reached their 36th birthday at time of employment.

Another issue of significant importance to applicants considering transferring from one law enforcement agency to another is what training requirements will they be required to complete. Recognizing the importance of this issue to both the applicant as well as the department, the following training requirements have been established for those applicants employed under our lateral program:

For those applicants possessing Indiana Certification and/or Waivers, we will be requiring the successful completion of an accelerated Field Training Program lasting approximately three (3) months. In those instances wherein a candidate fails to successfully complete this accelerated Field Training Program, or in those cases where the department determines that an applicant requires additional training, completion of the regular Field Training Program may be an option. All applicants accepting employment through this lateral transfer program will be considered “Probationary Officers” for their first year of service.

All applicants accepting employment through the lateral transfer program will be entitled to the following vacation leave during their first year of employment upon successful completion of the accelerated F.T.O. program:

1 - 3 years experience: 5 days
4 or more years experience: 10 days

*These vacation leave days do not include Holidays
which currently average 12 - 14 days per calendar year.

Other issues including extra-duty employment and the issuance of take home vehicles may be available upon completion of the 3-month accelerated Field Training Program for those applicants with one (1) or more years of police officer experience.

NOTE: Other existing benefits including health insurance, longevity pension, deferred compensation, 401 match, annual uniform allowance, shift differential pay and retirement insurance, will be available to applicants employed with the Carmel Police Department.

(Amended December 2005)

For additional information, contact:

Tara Greaves
Carmel Police Department
3 Civic Square
Carmel, Indiana 46032

(317) 571-2526

An Equal Opportunity Employer