Lateral Entry Program for Police Officers

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All applicants must meet all pre-employment minimum requirements, as well as successfully complete all testing and screening components of the process. To be eligible for consideration within the lateral entry program, the applicant must have/had powers of lawful arrest and be authorized to carry a weapon and meet all ILEA waiver requirements as necessary.

Pre-employment minimum requirements check list

  • – I am a US citizen.
  • – I am a high school graduate.
  • – I possess a valid Indiana driver’s license and have no more than six (6) active points or I am a Nonresident with a valid DL in my state and will obtain an Indiana DL once becoming an Indiana resident.
  • – I am at least 21 years of age, and under the age of 40 or I am a member of the PERF 77 fund (who has not been absent for 180 days or more).
  • – I have no convictions for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • – I have no more than two-(2) alcohol-related violations as a minor (18-21 years of age).
  • – I have no felony or class A misdemeanor convictions.
  • – I have no convictions for selected Class B misdemeanors (see last page).
  • – I have not received a dishonorable discharge from the military, or other discharge with non-honorable conditions.
  • – I meet or I will meet all residency requirements required by state law or local ordinance.

Lateral Entry Qualifiers Checklist

  • – I have successfully completed the ILEA Tier 1 basic academy.


  • – I have successfully completed a POST certified law enforcement academy in another State (480-hour min).


  • – I have at least one year (post academy) of paid, full time law enforcement service.

Testing Process Steps

Applicants must successfully complete all steps.

Physical Agility Test Written Aptitude Test Oral Interview Exam
Pre-Background Interview Polygraph Chief’s Board Interview
Background Investigation Psychological Exam Medical Exam
Pension Board Review Merit Board Review Chief Approval



The Carmel Police Department recognizes the value of those applicants who have law enforcement experience. As such we provide a starting salary commensurate with an applicant’s law enforcement experience (we will recognize up to four full years of service). The calculation for years of service is based solely on full time, paid service and will not include partial/seasonal years of service.

2021 Salary Step and Grade

Entry level salary Grade 11 Step 1 = $61,057
Academy Certified Grade 11 Step 2 = $63,500
1 year of experience Grade 11 Step 2 = $63,500
2 years of experience Grade 11 Step 3 = $65,942
3 years of experience Grade 11 Step 4 = $68,384
4 years of experience Grade 11 Step 5 = $70,826

**This does not and will not provide for the transfer of rank or provide rights to any seniority status. **

Vacation/Holiday Time

Upon successful completion of the Field Training Program the Lateral entry program allows Officers vacation leave during their first year of employment. These days off are in addition to the 12 holidays all new hire officers are granted in their first year.

5 Vacation Days - 1 - 3 full years of experience

10 Vacation Days - 4 of more full years of experience

Field Training Program

Lateral Entry officers may receive an accelerated Field Training Program. This is a performance-based assessment and may not be available to all officers. Upon successful completion of the Field Training Program an Officer may be entitled to participate in Extra Duty details as well as participate in the take home car program.

For additional information, contact:

Tara Greaves
Phone: 317-571-2526

An Equal Opportunity Employer

(Last Amended, May 2020)