Special Investigations

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Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force

Division Commander,
 Major Charlie Harting
Phone: 317-571-2500
HCDTF TIP Line: 317-571-2545 - Callers May Remain Anonymous

The Special Investigations Division of the Carmel Police Department is home to the Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force. The Task Force began in 1990 and focuses on drug use and trafficking problems in the Hamilton/Boone County areas. Participating agencies include the Carmel, Fishers, Hamilton County Sheriff, Lebanon, Whitestown and Zionsville Police Departments along with the Boone and Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office.

The Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force often receives drug tip information from citizens contacting their own law enforcement agency.

  • Carmel Police Department: 317-571-2545
  • Fishers Police Department: 317-595-3300
  • Hamilton County Sheriffs Department: 317-776-6340
  • Lebanon Police Department: 765-482-8836
  • Zionsville Police Department: 317-873-5967
  • Whitestown Police Department: 317-769-2677
  • Hamilton County Prosecutor: 317-776-8595
  • Boone County Prosecutor: 765-483-5712

The mission of the Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force is simple:

  • To identify and arrest individuals or members of organizations that are selling, delivering or storing illegal drugs and/or weapons in the Hamilton and Boone County areas.
  • To identify property and assets acquired with the proceeds of the sale, delivery or storage of illegal drugs and/or weapons and submit these items for forfeiture.
  • Identify out of state sources of illegal drugs and/or weapons and share this information with the appropriate law enforcement agency in that area.

The Hamilton /Boone County Drug Task Force continues to concentrate on its mission statement and quality of life issues for its neighborhoods. The Task Force investigates numerous cases resulting in the removal of illegal drugs to include, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, fentanyl, psilocybin, marijuana, prescription narcotics, and prescription stimulants. In addition numerous guns are taken off the street each year.

The Special Investigations Division is also responsible for Intelligence, Vice Crimes and Dignitary Protection. The SID has assigned a Detective full-time to the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force. The SID Detective is assigned to assist in the investigation of individuals who use guns to commit crimes or carry guns while committing crimes in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

Special Investigations employs sworn and civilian workers in an intelligence Unit to support the Criminal Investigations, Special Investigations, Patrol and School Resource Units.