State Statute Violation (Truck)

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Schedule of Fines and Costs for Operators Charged with Violation of a State Statute While Operating a Truck (10,001 GVW or over)

The schedule below shows the judgment (fine) and costs for each infraction. Once a conviction is entered, $135.50 in court costs are automatically assessed. You need only to pay one court cost even if you have more than one charge. This amount is to be paid whether you appear in Court or not and is set by the State Legislature. The schedule below shows the amount payable if you are not required to attend court. Fines may vary for those who have a history of convictions for traffic violations and for those who miss any scheduled court date. Fines may vary depending on facts presented in court, during a trial, or any hearing.

Charge Fine Costs Total
FMCSR Violation 65.00 135.00 200.00
Fuel Tax Permits 90.00 135.00 225.00
Log Book Violations 65.00 135.00 200.00
Seat Belt Violations 25.00 0.00 25.00
All Other Moving Violations 35.50 135.50 171.00
Non-Moving Violations 35.50 135.50 171.00
Reckless Driving MUST APPEAR
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle MUST APPEAR

25 m.p.h. or more Over Limit MUST APPEAR
Speeding in School Zone MUST APPEAR
Speeding in a WorkZone


The law for moving violations provides for fines from $0.00 – $10,000.00 and possible license suspension for 30 days or more. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR COMPANY CHECKS.