Golf Cart Permits

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City of Carmel Ordinance allows and regulates the use of golf carts operated on certain Carmel neighborhood streets.  Each neighborhood wanting to allow golf carts to operate on their streets must have an ordinance passed by the Carmel City Council.  Once the ordinance has passed, the permit process for golf carts in that neighborhood can begin.

There are several steps a neighborhood must take before that neighborhood can be submitted to the city council for approval, including:

  1. A homeowners association must be in place
  2. 75% of voting residents must agree to allow golf carts on their streets
  3. A review of the neighborhood by the Engineering and Street Departments and payment by the neighborhood for expenses incurred

Upon approval of the individual neighborhood ordinance by the City Council, golf cart owners may submit a permit application. 

**The application contains a listing of approved neighborhoods by the City Council – if your neighborhood is not listed, it is not an approved neighborhood and residents are directed to contact their Homeowners Association.**

Once the application has been submitted, a Community Services Officer will contact the golf cart owner and perform a golf cart inspection to include:

  •  Headlights
  • Brake Lights
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Seat Belt
  • Verification Applicant
    is a valid driver
  • Tail Lamps
  • Turn Signals
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Verification of Residency

Once the inspection has passed, the permit is available at the Carmel Police Department – Records Division.

  • Fee:  $50  (we accept most major credit and debit cards, exact change or check)
  • Permit Expiration:  365 days

For questions regarding submitting a neighborhood ordinance to the Carmel City Council, contact your HOA

For questions regarding the golf cart inspection, contact the Community Services Officer at 317-571-2500

For questions regarding payment and picking up your permit, contact the Records Division at 317-571-2520

Golf Cart Permit Application/Permit Renewal