What to Expect

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Water Meter ChangeOut
Please view our “What to Expect” video for more information.

Carmel Utilities has contracted Envocore – RTS Water Solutions to install the new Neptune water meters in a phased approach by neighborhood.

  1. Prior to installation, Envocore – RTS Water Solutions will inform residents with two separate postcard mailers, one sent to the customer’s home two weeks before installation, with the other three days before the contractor’s arrival.

  2. On the customer’s scheduled installation day, an Envocore – RTS Water Solutions worker will knock on the door to notify the homeowner that the replacement is about to begin and water will be turned off to the home. Please note Envocore – RTS Water Solutions contractors will be wearing bright yellow shirts with partner logos and Envocore – RTS Water Solutions/Carmel Utilities placards on white trucks and vans.

  3. If no one answers the door, the installers will check to see if the home’s water is currently in use. If water is NOT running, installers will turn off the water and begin the replacement of the water meter, which lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. After the new meter has been installed, workers will flush the system using the homeowner’s outside hose to remove air and sediment in the line. They will then place a door hanger on the door to let the homeowner know the meter was replaced.

  4. If the water in the home IS running and no one answers the door, the installer will move to the next home and place a door hanger on the front door with further instructions.

  5. For questions on installation, please call Envocore – RTS Water Solutions at 888-632-9628.

Please note: After water meter installation, if the homeowner’s outside hose is not accessible to the installation team, or there is air or sediment in the house plumbing, please perform flushing of the interior lines by running a high-flowing line on COLD, such as a bathtub, for a few minutes until the system is flushed.